Fundamental Difference Between CBD Tinctures And CBD Vape Juices

People have been using cannabis since many thousand years back, and is used to treat it as a medicinal item that can be found in the history of Egypt, China and many other Asian countries.

It is only now we are realizing its various health benefits that are offered by 144 cannabinoids and few other terpenes present in the cannabis plant. Modern science had discovered about Cannabidiol (CBD), in 1940 when they found increasing evidence about its health advantages.

Today, CBD is used by people of all over world to manage their mild to chronic conditions of their health problems. You can also find many such products in the various CBD stores.

What is the role of CBD/THC ratio?

This ratio refers to the amount of CBD compared to the amount THC or tetrahydrocannabinol present in various cannabis-derived products. You need to understand that THC will be responsible for psychoactive effects, though there are potential medicinal benefits too.

As many people like to avoid these high effects of THC, hence cannabis products are offered in different ratios. One need to understand these ratios and they will mean whether the product is CBD heavy or THC heavy or balanced.

CBD heavy strains can have ratios of 2:1 to 3:1 where there will be very little or no psychoactive effects. Few higher CBD ratios such as 1:0 or 25:1 have many potential benefits having no psychoactive effects.

While selecting your cannabis product, you must always consult with your doctor, who can advise you to prefer for right CBD/THC ratio.

Marijuana strains with high CBD benefits

CBD can offer many benefits which are not abundantly present in THC. Their benefits has really pushed many patients to consider CBD, even those who had never considered taking marijuana before.

More research must be done, but few studies have proved that CBD can be helpful for treating many conditions whether it is mild or severe. Though there are many potential benefits that CBD can offer, but here we are listing few of the most popular ones.

  1. Reducing pain/inflammation

CBD is well known for managing inflammation and pain especially related to conditions like arthritis. As per several studies, CBD can reduce inflammation in our body for both due to present health conditions or even injury. Few research suggests that it can be an alternative to opioids.

  1. Treating anxiety/depression

Few studies have tried to find link between CBD with anxiety, depression, and many other mood-related disorders. They concluded that CBD can bind with certain specific receptors of our brain that can control brain functions.

  1. Managing insomnia

Often CBD is regarded as potential treatment for treating our insomnia, but in reality it is not a sleep aid. In fact, it just helps reducing insomnia by regulating our cycles of sleep and wake.

  1. Easing side effects of cancer medication

CBD has a number of potential benefits that may counteract with few undesirable side effects that are associated with various medications prescribed for cancer treatment.

A number of studies have proved that CBD may able to reduce nausea/fatigue and also increase appetite for cancer patients. Little other research also shows CBD can reduce the cancer cell size and also progression of certain types of cancer.